X Factor recap: Nat’s horror showing

Natalie Basingthwaite had a bad week on The X Factor JTR sent home from The X Factor despite giving their best performance in the finals.

Monday proved a bad night for Nat, as not only were both of her two remaining groups chosen in the bottom two, but they rather showed her up in terms of song selection, mentoring and all round capacity to get the best out of them.

Prior to the bottom two’s “save me” songs (as Dannii has dubbed them) Luke emphasises that “without any help from their mentor, the groups have chosen their songs for themselves.”

Based on tonight’s evidence, Nat’s groups could have done without any help from their mentor for weeks now.

The clear articulation that Nat had nothing to do with the song choices for the groups serves to provide a lot of ammunition to those who say Nat makes terrible song choices.

Both groups absolutely nailed their numbers and sang significantly better than they have all finals.

On the plus side, now Nat only has one group left she can never be faced with such stark reality again.


After all the remaining contestants sing Counting Stars by One Republic, which actually sounds pretty good, we are reminded of the events of last night.

People sang, judges judged and Dannii cried at the end of Dami’s number.

At the end of the video highlights package we get a scene where Dannii joins Dami in her dressing room for a moment that is entirely unstaged, to reflect on the emotion she was feeling.

Back in the live show, Luke once again extends our feelings to Dannii who explains that for her music, “either has memories or it takes you somewhere.”

Tonight that somewhere will be home.

Luke tells us that Dami’s song from last night has hit #3 on iTunes, and she sits above Foo who’s Let Get Ridiculous is at #4.

Ronan admits he is expecting to have one of his boys in the bottom two tonight, more based on maths than anything else as he has almost 50 per cent of the remaining contestants.

Jessica Maouboy then sings Pop a Bottle and it’s so good that Foo’s ‘fro starts wearing ‘fetti.

Time for the results. Luke saves Dami (derr), Jai, Taylor, Omar (Ronan is a happy mentor) and Jiordan (who looked completely convinced she was gone) to leave both of Nat’s groups in the bottom two.

Jason Derulo then performs Talk Dirty using a routine where he almost falls off a human set of stairs created by his dancers, jumps the judges’ desk, drops the microphone and flashes his abs, before stumbling a bit on his final dismount as well. Then he threatens to move here. All in all it’s terrifying and a bit off the rails but still a fun song.

JTR – Lego House, Ed Sheeran

Once again the boys start standing in a row at the back of the stage, slowly walking forward as they each sing a section of the first verse before joining for some nice harmonies on the chorus.

This is probably the least twee that the group has seemed.

They are singing really nicely and a big fat key change sees them serenading the audience with Robin taking the lead towards the end.

Rating: 8/10 – Their best song to date without a doubt.

THIRD D3GREE – Dedication to my Ex, Lloyd

This trio also starts standing at the back, or rather gyrating at the back, with synchronised hip bumps going on.

Jordan kicks off the singing after Kelebek gives us a spoken word intro, then they charge into some fiercely impressive harmonies of their own.

They have good moves, they have parts that each of them is nailing, they finally have a song that is letting them shine.

If anything that was even more impressive an improvement than JTR’s.

Rating: 9/10 – A huge harmonic homerun.

Ronan: Feels there is some sort of tension between THIRD D3GREE. Jacinta nods at these words which would indicate he’s on to something. That said “that was a pretty cool tune you picked and what you gave it.” He admits he went back and watched last night’s performance which wasn’t good enough. He praises JTR’s harmonies and finds it funny that people “at the last moment” surprise you. Suggesting they’ve never reached or bettered the quality of their audition, he votes to send home JTR.

Dannii: Noting that JTR flew in from Stockholm, Dannii also gives a shout out to her friends who are on the phone to her telling her to save them. She thought MMMBop was great but tonight wasn’t as good. She feels their “save me” song was pedestrian. She then recalls that the group were thrown together and that there have been ups and downs. She thinks their “save me” song was one of their best performances so she votes for JTR.

Foo: Recalling how blown away he was by JTR’s first performance he tells us of their happy vibe back stage, and also how tough he has been on them, which has paid off as he feels they’ve been on a rise and tonight’s song was one of his favourites. As for THIRD D3GREE he says he loves Kelebek, because she’s a rapper, as he is, and she’s hot, as he is. He notes Jordan came out tonight with energy that he hasn’t seen until now. Equally he feels the last fortnight has been poor. Luke presses him for an answer and on his gut, after a long silence, he votes to send home JTR.

Nat says she knows JTR are going to be stars and that she can’t wait for people to hear their album, but first they will be tortured in the ritual known as breakfast television.

Finally Luke rubs it in by saying Dami has now gone to number one on iTunes.

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