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Kapunda golf

AFL grand final day traditionally sees smaller fields but almost 50 players teed up early last week for the Steve ‘Anzac’ Krieg stableford round.

After the greens were cored on the Monday they were playing a little slower than normal but this didn’t bother all players as there were still some very good scores carded.

None were better than Troy Flanagan who has been hitting the ball pretty well of late.

His 44 points was just good enough to claim the overall prize and see his handicap drop to 30.

Kieren Chappel followed up his fantastic round the previous week with an equally impressive 43 points, just one behind Troy and a clear leader in the B grade.

Kieren also lost the luxury of getting two shots on any hole.

Jamie Lindeblad has kept his purple patch going following up his 40 point win in the Thursday comp with 39 on Saturday and a move back into the A grade ranks.

Sal Hambour was next in the grade with 38 points and also took a step closer to the top grade. Greg Jones finished up on 37.

The A grade was led by John Shepard who had a pretty good 38 points, just the one ahead of Eudunda visitor Johnno Mosey and a couple up on Tom Ryan and Kyle Hayter.

Ross Jones had a comfortable two shot buffer in the C grade with 39 points leading in Keith Alexander with Tony ‘Geezer’ Stevens third on 35.

Young Chris Doyle found out how fickle the game can be with his +9 of the previous week followed up with 29 points. Maybe the slow greens didn’t help him much.

Six fillies ventured out for a hit with Jenny Menzel shooting 34 points to be just the one shot up over Kath Barr with a shot further back to Inge Smith.

As mentioned earlier Jamie had the better of the 17 man field on Thursday with Trevor Bateman the next best on 37 with Jimmy Latter following on 35.

The first Saturday in October will be another stroke round for the monthly medal and a chance to join the list of finalists in the Paul McCarthy Gold Medal playoff.

Look out for Boo Menzel on Saturday.

Teed Up

Kapunda Ladies golf

On September 25 the Kapunda ladies played a stroke/putts round and the prize donor for the day was Sir John Franklin Hotel.

The division onewinner was Lucy Bashford with 71 nett and the runner up was Jodie Hayward, on a countback from Rosanne Rule, with 78 nett.

The division twowinner was Marg Browne with 69 nett and the runner up was Jane Teagle with 72 nett.

Division onelong drive winner was Carole Molloy and Division twowinner was Wendy Wilson.

Division one nearest the pin winner was Rosanne Rule and Division twowinner was Tine Perry.

We also played the final of the monthly medal competition. The winner was Lucy Bashford with nett 71.

On September 20 the Kapunda Ladies Open was held. Jodie Hayward from Kapunda bettered her previous course record, with a very nice 81/66. Congratulations Jodie.

Barossa golf

Saturday stableford competition

A grade: T Cowgill 39, r/u G Hunter 39; B grade R Hampel 40, r/u J Biggins 39; C grade A Gardner 40, r/u E Planthaber 38.

A grade: (25 players): R Bondfield, J Mosey, A Southern all 38, I Baldwin 37.

B grade: (16 players): J Kurtz 38, S Miller 38, P White 37.

C grade: (27 players): D Oats 38, P Graetz 37, D Raethel 36, S Blackmore 36, M Graetz 35.

Ladies competition winner: C Farley 37, M MacGillivray 37, T Love 35, B Both 35.

NTP 3rd D Brook; 4th 2nd shot C Berndt; 6th C Campbell; 10th 2nd shot J Mosey; 12th B Gardner; 17th D Johnson.

Long drives: A grade C Berndt; B grade S Miller; C grade D Oats.

Ladies novelty, Mystery Six: C Farley 14 c/b.

Midweek stableford competition winner P Hockings 45, r/u K Farley 41.

Ball winners: D Oats 38, D Johnson 37, B Lythgoe 37, T Turnbull 36, I Fyfe 35, G Burgess 35.

NTP 6th J Gerhardy; 15th P Hockings.

4BBB: J Biggins, K Farley 46.

Gawler golf

Saturday par competition

Men’s overall winner: S Spencer +5

Ladies winner: S Francas -1.

Ball winners: D Goodwin, T Clarkson, R Hall, I Laurence all +4, P Baker, T Dowling, D Edwards, M Hoffman, P Poysden, E Richardson, R Roy, B Sankey, R Sawyer, D Stewart, S Noack all +3.

NTP 2nd S Noack (Uleybury Wines); 4th I Monro (Giannitto Hotel Group); 6th C Thornton (Kingsford Hotel); 10th B Santini (Fasta Pasta Long Drive); 11th J Williams (Hi-Beam Car Wash); 14th M Yardley (Pizza Works).

Birdie balls: A Sota, C Noack, D Goodwin, J Ashdown, I Laurence, I Monro, D Steel, S Voigt, C Lowe, A Trout, S Porter, S Purdie, R Hartwell, C Thornton, P Baker, D Stewart.

Sunday stableford competition winner S Francas 39, r/u B Verhoef 37. Ball winners: J Fowler 36.

NTP 4th B Verhoef; 6th D Griffiths.

Birdie balls: S Francas, D Pierens, B Verhoef.

Thursday stableford competition winner H Smits 38, r/u P Symes 37.

Ball winners: R Roy 36, S Spencer 35, D Williams 35.

NTP 4th T Davies (Elders Real Estate); 6th J Fowler (Spencer Flooring); 11th T Bow (Elders Real Estate); 18th D Dare (Criterion Hotel).

Birdie balls: T Bow, H Smits, L Chiappetta, J Fowler.

Midweek stableford competition winner N Orr 38.

Mount Pleasant golf

Captain’s Trophy Round Three: S Tregenza 37, C Noble 33, D Higgins 30, T Mitchell 29, J Zerk 28.

NTP 2nd T Mitchell; 12th T Vine; 14th D Swann; 18th P Turvey.

Birdies: S Tregenza.

Midweek stableford competition: Division One – P Gladigau 31, E Bishop 29, C Noble 28; Division Two – T Mitchell 28.

Tanunda golf

Saturday par competition: A grade P Denley, r/u S Fechner; B grade N O’Brien, r/u P Lithgow; C grade N Harris, r/u G Lamshed; Ladies P Henschke, r/u R Newstead.

Long drives: A grade S Coombs; B grade S Escritt; C grade T Saegenschnitter; Ladies S Henderson; Rockford Hole S Coombs.

NTP 6th T Pengilly (Peter Lehmann); 8th G Bethune (Langmeil); 11th N Harris (Yalumba); 16th G Lamshed (Rusden); 7th hole 2nd shot T Marshall (TPGC).

Rundown: C Fechner, T George, J Gooden, G Bethune, P Sumner, D Hemsley, S Coombs, B Andrews.

Club Champion Match Play: A grade – D Goers d J Phillips 5/4; C grade – R Escritt d N Day 19th.

Gawler Petanque Club

The beautiful spring weather brought out the best is our players today, 29 September.

Results of games played are: Rob Mitchell/John Gejas/Harvey Walker d Ingrid MacKenzie/Peter Moreland (jnr visitor)/Stan Wilson 13-10; Glenis Head/Pam Moreland/Barry Mitchell (visitor) d Jasmine MacKenzie (visitor)/David MacKenzie 13-1; Pam Moreland/David MacKenzie/John Gejas d Rob Mitchell/Glenis Head/Jasmine MacKenzie 13-9; Stan Wilson/Ingrid MacKenzie/Harvey Walker d Barry Mitchell/Peter Moreland 13-3; Stan Wilson/Harvey Walker/Glenis Head d John Gejas/Barry Mitchell/Rob Mitchell 13-12.

The Club will meet on Sunday, October 6 at Chateau Dorrien, Tanunda at 10.30am.

For more information please contact Stan or Glenis on 0488910294 or e-mail [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训

Tanunda Kegel

The report this week is in the form of a short fairy tale with a twist.

Once upon a time there was a coven of beautiful women who strolled through the wooded valley in search of lady nine pins.

Along the way they met such colourful characters as Colonel Mistard, Saphire, Pinky Tuscadero, Black Beauty and a couple of Maltesers.

Many a Pudel were prowling the outer woods but the Queen was left standing three times protecting lady nine pins.

The highest scored frame went to Mine Le Page.

The coven of beautiful women have thrown down the Gauntlet for a duel with the Thursday Night Gents and await the reply.

To be continued….

Results 1st game 2nd game Total

S.Johnson 143 196 339

E.Beer 170 162 332

B.Flavel 161 138 299

T.Page 147 146 291

M.Frost 152 133 285

C.Williams 135 130 265

G.Felt 104 157 261

A.Anderson 121 132 253


C.Williams 2 ; E.Beer, T.Page 1.


B.Flavel 2 ; T.Page 1.


B.Flavel 5 ; T.Page 3 ; A.Anderson, C.Williams, E.Beer 2 ; G.Felt 1.

The fourth and final game of the 400 Down Trophy for 2013 was played for last Thursday night.

Kyran and Travis were the two closest in points at the beginning of the night being only twelve points apart.

The battle continued on during the night with Travis gaining three points at the end of the first game.

The second game saw Kyran pick up the pace to end up one point ahead of Travis at the end of the night which helped him to be the winner of the nights play and the trophy.

Shannon was having another good night starting off with a first frame score of 66 points, which was also the highest frame score of the night, to go on to again get his name on the 500 club board with a totalof 553 points.

Corey was having a bit of an off night only being able to get on the board for bowling a Pudel.


Results 1st game Final score

K.Gardiner 238 -55

T.Saegenschnitter 235 -56

C.Chaplin 270 -114

S.Klose 127 +153


K.Gardiner, S.Klose, T.Saegenschnitter 2.


S.Klose 3.


C.Chaplin, T.Saegenschnitter 1.

Results of Trophy

K.Gardiner 132, T.Saegenschnitter 145, S.Klose 327, Not Eligible ; C.Fletcher 95, C.Chaplin 374, N.Day 6, M.Hueppauff 11, N.Jaeger 49, M.Orvad 51.

The final round of the WE Huezenroeder memorial shield was played for last friday night with Rob Langridge in a very good lead.

Rob did not have it all his own way though with Ian and Terry putting in a good challenge.

It was a very exciting finish for the last frame of the night with Terry needing two points, Ian needing four points and Rob needing fifty one points to get to zero.

Rob ended up bowling closest to zero and also the lowest total for the four weeks.

This year we will see Marlene and Rob play against each other in the play off next week.We will have to ask Marlene to bring her Red Jelly Slice again next week to make everyone boost their energy.



Results 1st game Final score

R.Langridge 189 -4

T.Malone 144 +8

I.Philps 146 +12

G.Nicolai 276 -116

M.Malone 290 -188


I.Philps, T.Malone 6 ;. R.Langridge 3 ; G.Nicolai 1.


R.Langridge 1.


G.Nicolai, I.Philps 1.

Results of Shield

R.Langridge 43, I.Philps 169, G.Nicolai 249, M.Malone 491. Not Eligible ; T.Malone 23, B.Saunders 277, R.Bell 328.

Ten pin bowling

Barossa Bowland League

Morning Stars: C D Players 44, Lucky Ducks 40, Bowled Out 40, Two Of Us 36. Star bowler: Jill Leggett 41 POA (pins over average).

Valleyites: Zodiac 135.5, Ten Pinners 115, W M D 110, Tripod 106.5, WAFWOTEAM 103, Strikers 93. Star bowlers: Karen Norton 92 POA, Herman Hofflehner 27 POA.

Grapevines: Double Trouble 131, Strike Outs 120, Pinsetters 100, What Evers 97, Pin Killers 97, Strikers 89, Two Wonders 81, Pinheads 75, Go Getters 62. Star bowlers: Sarah Mibus and Debra Loffler 12 POA, Justin Bootsma 40 POA.

Have A Ball: Old Farts 52, Triple XXXX 50, The Descendants 49, Guttertrash 38, Spareparts 31, Benchwarmers 18. Star bowlers: Bob Waples 45 POA, Steak 45 POA.

Barossa Juniors: Little Devils 36, The Strikers 34, Pinkillers 32, Pinheads 18. Star bowler: Brandon Lillie 36 POA.

Starplex results


Monday Juniors grand finals


HeatdefAnd1 Allstars32-27


Williamstown GiantsdefAll Stars17-12


All StarsdefCCS Flight21-15


Lyndoch WolvesdefHeat18-15


Trinity BluedefSandy Creek36-11

16 and under

Barossa RedsdefSquad 743-29

Monday Evening Men

Division 1

Washed UpdrewWizards50-50

Redbacks defRun & Gun52-51

Division 2-A

HurricanesdefCunning Stunts39-11


Swamp DawgsdefTurbos48-40

Division 2-B

Flight Teamdef T.Z.K.46-29


Beard of ChuckdefM&M’s51-29

Wednesday evening ladies – grand final

BrookersdefShooting Stars30-24


Monday night ladies

Division one

Wild Turkeys 33 Wild Things 12

Checkmate Masters def Roseworthy Jaguars

Roseworthy panthers 34 def Jitterbugs 17

Division two

No Direction 33 def Mixtures 22

Purple 30 def Divas 26

White Tiger 24 def Hot shots 22

Division three

Jelly Buts def Roseworthy Fillys

Green /team 21 def Fusion Girls 20

Black Magic 26 def Pretzel Ninjas 12

Our Hot Little Babes 26 def Roseworthy kookaburras 19

Tuesday evening mixed

Stormtroopers 15 drew Viper Venom 15

Happy Hour 29 def Win Some Lose Some 5

Pink Paws 44 def Vipers 8

Drop it in 28 def Golden Vipers 10

Netbrawlers 16 def Panthers 8

GFY 18 def Banana Hammocks 11

Bluetax 23 def Falcons 14

Wednesday evening ladies

Escapees 42 def Mixed Nuts 7

Mallala 26 def DASH 19

Trinity 2 34 def Fruit loops 17

St Georges 43 def Dirt Diamonds 22

Lollipops 32 def Trinity 1 11

Bits & pieces 32 def Wild Flamingoes 14

Mummas Bears 41 def Family Affairs 29

Wednesday evening mixed netball

Ants At a Picnic 21 def The Dark shadow 4

Mayhem 32 def Lucky lemons 13

Shrimps 21 def Jeklls Angels 8

Bazinga 31 drew with Super Shrubs 31

Williamstown Giants 20 def Avengers 12

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