Reader of the week: Chris Winslow

Reader of the week: Chris Winslow from Glenwood. Picture: Natalie RobertsThree people I would love to invite to dinner: David Cameron, Tony Abbott and Amory Lovins (OK, Google him).

The best advice I ever received: Start on the ground floor and work your way up.

The most amazing thing I’ve ever done is: Wander past an execution (in China).

If I was down to my last $10 I would spent it on: A mocha and the Australian Financial Review.

My greatest fear is: People who say government is the problem.

My fantasy job is: Foreign correspondent for the BBC.

If I could have a super power it would be: Prescience.

My favourite phrase is … There’s no Planet B.

My hidden talent is: Empathy.

If I could travel back in time, I would love to meet: Field Marshall Douglas Haig. I’d tell him to take an early retirement.

The one thing I will never throw out: Paint.

True love is … Laying down one’s life for another.

My last meal would be: Fish and chips at Stokes Hill Wharf, Darwin.

My first car was: A red Daihatsu Charade.

I’m always being asked: If I’m running for Greenway.

My most embarrassing moment was … Knocking on when the try line was open in front of me.

What people may not know about me is: I do eat vegetables.

Weirdest thing in my glovebox: A sonic screwdriver.

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