GALLERY: Changes planned for new housing

Picture: Natalie RobertsTHE NSW government is proposing planning changes in Sydney’s North West and South West Growth Centres to increase housing choice. Submissions close on October 14.

See our photo galleries of the north west growth centres below.

“We want to ensure the North West and South West Growth Centres —which will be home to 500,000 people over the next 25 years — provide the range of housing types that the community desires, including terraces, small homes and even ‘Fonzie flats’,” Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Brad Hazzard said with reference to studio dwellings located above garages in new housing developments that are strata subdivided from the main house so they can be sold separately.

If adopted the changes would also facilitate:

■ townhouse and villa-style housing;

■ the introduction of Manor Homes on corner lots: a new building type that looks from the street like a large two-storey home but actually contains four separate units;

■ standard minimum lot sizes of 225 square metres in low density areas, compared to 250 to 360 sqm presently; and

■ the minimum lot size to be varied down to 125 sqm in areas capable of supporting higher densities.

These changes have the potential to affect many planned precincts locally.

The North West Growth Centre is within the boundaries of The Hills, Blacktown and Hawkesbury councils.

The precincts currently being planned for are Marsden Park, Riverstone East and Vineyard.

Precincts rezoned for development are North Kellyville, Alex Avenue, Riverstone, Riverstone West, Colebee, Area 20, Marsden Park Industrial, Schofields, Box Hill and Box Hill Industrial.

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