Fertile imagination nurtures creative story

The write stuff: Year 10 student Laura Sultana, 16, is a published writer. Picture: Carlos FurtadoAn active imagination is an asset for Laura Sultana, whose short story was selected for publication in the Oz Kids in Print anthology.

The year 10 student at Terra Sancta College, Schofields was encouraged to submit her work by the school’s librarian.

She is now up for a 2013 Young Australian Writers Award, after being published in the magazine in August.

“My story was originally about a victim of bullying and how she kind of blew things out of proportion,” she said.

“It was taken way too far, not just within school, but with what happened outside of school.

“I did it for my own enjoyment then took it to the library and the librarian said ‘we’ll try and get it published in this magazine, I think it would be great for it’,”

You can write pretty much anything.

“It’s just so much easier to put things on paper than to talk about them,” she said.

Miss Sultana, who wants to become a journalist, said it was while dancing happily at a party that inspiration for the short story came.

“I literally ran outside to write the idea on my phone so I wouldn’t forget and started writing the next day,” she said.

“I find myself with a lot of time on my hands because I get assignments done really quickly, so I just think, ‘There are things I can write about, maybe I can create something really cool’.”

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