Farmland sale queries

HOW many Tasmanians are aware of our farmland being sold to foreign investors? If we had any foresight, and we obviously do not, or consideration for our children and grandchildren we would perhaps allow leasing the land but not outright sale. Or do we want our grandchildren to wake one day to find they are tenants in their own land? The Chinese, Indonesians or Japanese would not sell their farm land. They are not silly. With growing populations they are looking to their future food security. And we are fools enough to let them have it — dazzled by the dollar as usual. I have yet to see detailed reasons just how this ‘‘investment’’ will benefit Tasmanians although it certainly stands to benefit those with vested interests. Call me xenophobic but I suspect foreign owners will mine — not farm — this land with uncontrolled use of chemicals, would be likely take any produce grown out of the country and perhaps even bring in foreign workers. What are the guarantees against this? And how, in future, do we ever buy it back? I know that I am the only person who is in a position to care for and respect my land, leaving it in better condition in order that future generations of Tasmanians enjoy the benefits.

— FRANK GILES, Seaview Farm

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