A Mum’s World: School holidays are a time for fun

JUSTa quick note to share a few of my surefire hits for springtime school holiday fun.

To get started, head out into the backyard and hang a load of washing then make yourself a hot cup of tea, pull up a pew and watch the clothes dry. No-one can say you aren’t working.

Let the children run amok and when they have sprayed each other with the garden hose, order them into the bath so they feel all cosy and relaxed. Aim for an early night – it’s always worth a shot.

Next, hope for rain so you don’t have to deal with the washing for some time, head back inside and fish around in the back of your freezer drawer to see if you can find anything useful or interesting, or like me, hit the jackpot with a leftover piece of white mud cake frozen long ago. No need to waste time defrosting – yum!

Speaking of freezing, school holidays are a good chance to make a doctor’s appointment to freeze off that huge wart on your child’s foot – when my child started limping I knew it was a sure sign the monster wart had to go.

Pick a day to turn the radio up really loud then drown it out with your singing. Don’t stop until your children are forced to join in.

Remember though, the fun stops when you say so and, at some unexpected moment these holidays, you should launch into a tirade about other people in your home never helping with the washing, ironing, dishes, vacuuming, picking-up or pet care.

They need to hear it and it needs to be said.

On at least one afternoon you should take a little mummy-nap on the couch to catch up on all the sleep you have lost wandering about during the night settling children after the most recent wind, thunder, rain or hail storm. Maybe tiredness is what’s making you so grumpy.

Hit the front garden at some point to pull some weeds. If your garden is anything like mine, your nature strip morphed into one huge prickle some time around the middle of term three.

All the recent rain makes the weeds come out easily so the children can help or just let them hang from the trees, get muddy in the garden and again order them into the bath. Like I said, early to bed is always worth a try.

On at least one day that starts with an ‘S’ grab some sausages, bread and sauce then ride your bikes along the river to a park and barbecue your lunch.

Even better, send daddy with the children while you take the car and therefore have room to carry the picnic rug and half a bottle of leftover wine from the fridge with some plastic cups.

This means you can fit in a snooze in the sun after your snazzy meal while your children exhaust themselves on the playground.

Spend one morning settling disputes as your children name each of the five baby guinea pigs born to Coco and Peaches – actually this one might be difficult to arrange if you don’t live at my house.

Finally, spend time with your children putting together a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child with something to love, something to wear, something for hygiene, something for school, something to play with and something special to send to a child overseas who has never had anything new of his or her own.

Absolutely loving the holidays.

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